Mar 21, 2014

Welcome back LBBG!

The spring is finally here and the first Lesser black-backed gulls (Larus fuscus) have started to return to their breeding areas. Also the roof-nesting LBBGs here in Bergen have started to show up.
Today the first ringed of the year was seen resting on the pier in Store Lungegardsvannet close to the city centre of Bergen. It was the male breeding on the roof of VilVite-centre  (J7Y8) who was first this year. The two previous years J8Y1 has been the 'early bird'.

The first LBBG appeared in Bergen 13th of March this spring which is one day before the average the last seven years. The earliest observation in Bergen was in 2012 when a bird was seen in city centre lake 3rd of March. However, this winter we have for the first time in the county of Hordaland observed a successful wintering of a first-winter LBBG. The bird was ringed this November and have been lingering on Tveitevannet together with the Mew Gulls all winter.

J7Y8 with two begging chicks in 2012. 

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