Nov 25, 2012

Norwegian invasion in Anza

This morning we decided to start in Souss which turned out to be a waste of daylight. The best place on this site was partly made into a new road and reduced in size. We did not see any Lesser Black-backed Gull sitting, the few we saw was flying over. We quickly changed the plan and went straight to Anza. We arrived around 08:30 and before one hour had gone, over 20 different Norwegian ringed gulls had been seen. In the end of the day the number of gulls with Norwegian origin was impressive 52 different birds. This number is new high of Norwegian LBBGs recorded in Morocco in  a single day! The previous record was 48 from 27.01.2009 when two different teams were here. The total number of Norwegian ringed LBBGs on our trip is now 86. The total number of rings read today is between 150 and 160. Today the first urban gull ringed in Bergen appeared in Anza, finally! After almost 40 hours in the fish odor in Anza, J8Y0 was sitting on the beach. Another bird we appreciated was J4Z3, which we saw in one of our urban lakes in Bergen earlier this spring. This bird was ringed at Karmøy south of Bergen by Karmøy ringing group.

A local man in Anza came with these rings to us and told us he had found them on dead gulls on the beach. We will report them to the correct ringing scheme when we come home.

JR2Y is ringed as a pullus in Troms by Morten Helberg in 2012.

2.VO is ringed by Paul Veron on Guernsey

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