Nov 23, 2012

Anza delivers again

Yesterday evening the plan for this day was already set. Agadir beach in the morning and the rest of the day in Anza. We followed this plan and got awarded with around 130 readings of Lesser Black-backed Gulls (Larus fuscus).  Some of these are the same as yesterday, but not as much as expected. The turnover of gulls in Anza is large and we think that even after 22 hours spent in Anza, tomorrow will give us new birds. We have summarized the Norwegian birds and we have got a total of 55 different LBBGs! Two of todays highlights were a leucistic Lesser Black-backed Gull and the long awaited own ringed LBBG. 10 minutes before dusk J3Y5 was sitting in the dirty water coming out of the fish factory. This bird is ringed as a pullus in 2010 in our monitoring colony at Lyngøy in Hordaland. It was also seen in Blaringhem in France by Harry Vercruijsse earlier this year.

Leucistic Lesser Black-backed Gull
905N from France

JV4C ringed as a first year bird in Kolbotnvannet, Norway

J0K6 ringed as pullus in Lindesnes, Norway has lost a foot

5.M is one of 16 different birds we have read from this project.

J3Y5 the long awaited own ringed LBBG from Lyngøy

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  1. Absolutely fantastic effort!It's great that the job is being done so thoroughly!