Nov 24, 2012

Yet another day in Anza

As the two previous days, we followed the same schedule and took the beach in Agadir from 07:00 to about 08:00 and the rest of the day in Anza. As you can see from the pictures below the number of gulls were fantastic. It's almost impossible to estimate numbers. The total result was a bit lower than the previous days with around 130 readings. Of these 41 had Norwegian rings which is a new high for us on this trip. This means that over 1/3 of the Lesser Black-backed Gulls with rings in Anza are ringed in Norway. On our three days in Anza we have also experienced that the time between 16:00 and dusk is the time many new gulls come to feed, especially adults. Some of the old ones have only been seen briefly during these hours. The bird on the picture above (JP2R) ruled the river with fish remains Anza. It was ringed at an island south of Mandal this year by two of the persons responsible for the domination of Norwegian rings in Anza today, Morten Helberg and Finn Jørgensen. We also had two other birds ringed on the same island on the same day, which is impressive!

Our view in Anza today, really impressive numbers of gulls

This first year LBBG 4AP5 is ringed by Paul Veron at Guernsey
J271 is ringed in a fuscus fuscus colony in Northern Norway and could possibly be and individual of this subspecies which has a western wintering site.

V.R6J is ringed in Denmark


  1. Great photo of Black 4AP5! What a tonic on a very grey, wet and quiet day on Guernsey - many thanks! Paul

  2. Hi Guys,

    This is extreme Gulling, what an great number of LBBG and rings.
    I can tell you allready that all the green tibia-rings with white inscription on 1cy birds are from my project from the Netherlands. All ringed in the southern part of the Netherlands.

    Many thanks for putting so much effort in ringreading!!!

    Cheers from the Netherlands

    Roland-Jan Buijs