Nov 17, 2013

Finally Anza again

This year we repeated last years success and went for a new trip to Agadir, Morocco with the main goal of reading gulls in Anza. This year together with two cars from Mandal and one from Karmøy. The three other cars vent not surprisingly to twitch non-gull species like Dupont's Lark, Houbara Bustard and Pharaoh Eagle Owl a long long drive into the desert but Christian and me vent for the real thing which of course is ring reading in Anza ;-)

The fish factory was not open on a Sunday, but the nice fishy smell was still there and the gulls were numerous. The only problem today was the heavy wind from east and north east which made sand storms in Anza now and then.

The best bird of today was J0KV which is an acquaintance from Realfagbuilding at University of Bergen where is was ringed in May 2012 and breed on the same roof in 2013. Very nice to see this bird in Anza. In total we had 25 different norwegian Lesser black-backed gulls which is 7  more than the first day in Anza in 2012. We also had 18 of Roland-Jan Buijs's tibia ringed LBBGs.

Tomorrow the weather forecast promise less wind and the fish factory should be open so hopefully we get many more readings.

YAZA is one of the LBBG ringed by Kees Camphuysen

This first year LBBG (LHLN) is a bird we think is ringed by Mike Marsh in UK.

One of Roland-Jan Buijs LGGB

This second year bird (4AP5) was also seen last year in Anza and is a Guernsey LBBG ringed by Paul Veron

J168A is ringed in Oslo, Norway by Carsten Lome

A second year bird ringed by Roland-Jan Buijs

This mediterainan Gull is probably ringed in Camargue, France

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