Nov 19, 2013

Anza and Agadir harbor schedule of the day

Today the conditions were the same, perfect in the morning and windy and difficult in the afternoon. At lunch we decided to check Agadir fishing harbor. We have earlier had problems getting trough the security because our french is rather poor. The paper in french saying what we are doing and pictures of ringed gulls was every handy and because of this we passed the security gards in just some seconds. In Agadir harbor the gulls were very trustful. We could just drive the car and photograph ringed birds. The number of gulls were only some hundred but we got a really nice bird here. JJ6K appeared just 5 meters from our car. JJ6K is a Lesser black-backed gull ringed as a pullus at the island Fedje in 2011. One of Morten Helbergs LBBG with geolight logger was also one of the highlights of the day.

In total the day produced 30 LBBGs ringed in Norway which takes us to 62 in total for the trip.We have also summarized Roland-Jan Buijs birds and for the present the number is 51.

HV941 is a first year bird probably ringed by Sönke Martens

6AJ2 is ringed by Paul Veron

This leucistic LBBG was also last year feeding on sardins remains in Anza

J9MA is one of Morten Helberg logger birds ringed in Mandal. The bird was seen in Anza also in 2012.

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