Oct 5, 2011

Ringing summary for September 2011

In September we ringed a total of 104 gulls. Most of them 1Y Mew Gulls which was really easy to catch on rainy days. 11 1Y Lesser Blacked-backed Gulls was also ringed before they migrated southwards. The number of Black-headed Gull is still low in Bergen this autumn. Our max. count is only 12 which explains the low number of ringed of the species this month. An urban ringed Great Blacked-backed Gull was our first, even if it was a very small one. The numbers is summarized like this:

Species1YSub adultAdult
Mew Gull7703
Lesser Blacked-backed Gull1100
Great Blacked-backed Gull100
Herring gull721
Black-headed Gull101

JC3K hopefully in Spain or Morocco now

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