Oct 11, 2011

1Y Glaucous Gull in Bergen city centre

Today, 11th of October, a rarity was discovered in Byparken in the middle of Bergen city centre. It was Christian who did the daily check of the gulls who found and documented it nicely. The last time Glaucous Gull was observed in the city centre was back in April 2005 so this species is not common to see among the Herring and Mew Gulls in Bergen. This record is also one of the earliest autumn observations of Glaucous Gull in the Hordaland county. It was feeding on a dead pigeon, but we do not know if this pigeon was killed by the gull or if it was dead by other reasons and the gull just found it.

When looking at observations in Scandinavia there have only been three observations of four individuals so far this autumn. One adult at Öland, Sweden the 6th of October, 2 individuals outside Trondheim in Norway the 7th of October and this one in Bergen.

Tomorrow we will try to catch it and put a colour ring on it. If this dream comes true it will be really nice to follow the king of white feathered gulls during the winter.

1Y Glaucous Gull feeding on a pigeon.

1Y Glaucous Gull


  1. Thank you!

    After an unsuccessful attempt we were able to catch it today. It had moved to another urban lake (see details in the latest blogpost). Look out for it in Ferrol we really hope it will get that far south.

    Best wishes!

  2. Hi Urbpop:
    Congratulations !!!! All Spanish gull-watchers here in Spain are waiting for your nice BLACK JN666 ; -).
    Glaucous is a scarce winter visitor but regular....
    Many Spanish birdes will look for your gull if you give me your permission for posting your gull in my blog.
    Thanks in advance.

  3. Yes, no problem just use pictures and or text. Nice if you post a link to our blog in the same posting.

    Best wishes!